A Complete Example of How to Run Schedule and Cost Estimations

This is a fairly short article to inform you all about the publication of the first Ebook of the Project Management Course: How to Run Schedule and Cost Estimations. As I promised on the last post (about accurate cost estimations), I designed this Ebook as a sophisticated example for the different estimation techniques. Before downloading and reading the Ebook, I highly recommend taking a look on the following articles:

These articles contain all the content we discuss in the Ebook, as well as many more tips and suggestions for increasing the efficiency of your estimations.

A Summary of the Ebook

The Ebook deals primarily with cost and schedule estimation techniques while presenting a realistic example of a project for the development of a computer software. First, the theory related to cost estimation is presented, and different techniques are combined in order to incorporate more realism to the example. Then, the theory related to schedule estimation is discussed, and a Gantt Chart is constructed based on the bottom-up estimation for the first phase of the project. Finally, a complete Gantt Chart is presented for the entire duration of the project, and issues such as resource leveling are discussed.

The Contents of the Ebook

The Ebook is organized as follows:

  1. Preliminaries to the Estimation Process
    1. Defining the Project
    2. Building the Work Breakdown Structure
    3. Identifying the Relationship between the Work Packages
  2. Estimating the Cost and Duration of Work Packages
    1. The Basics of Cost Estimation
    2. Estimating the Cost and the Labor Hours of the Summary Tasks
    3. Calculating the Schedule of the Defining Requirements Phase
    4. Updating the Order of Magnitude Estimate after Phase 01
    5. Creating a Gantt Chart for the Entire Project
  3. Final Words

The Ebook also contains detailed illustrations to support the theory and to help you visualize the processes in an intuitive way. So don’t waste any more time and check the Ebook by clicking on the link below!