As time passes, more and more people are getting interested in the concept of “growth hacking”. The term “growth hacking” has become a buzzword for the entire IT community. Moreover, it’s very noticeable that the popularity of the term has increased over the last few years. Different authorities are constantly bombarding the market with new growth hacking strategies, experiments, and techniques.

But the term still remains a mystery for most of us. So, let’s define it. In order to understand the concept of “growth hacking,” you must first grasp the true meaning of the term “hacking”. Many of us still believe that a hacker is someone who constantly breaks the law by launching cyber-attacks. Even if this might be true sometimes, that’s not really what we mean by it.

To put it in simple words, a hacker is someone who knows a certain process extremely well. And because of that, he is capable to find shortcuts that may quicken or improve the process.

A curious fact about the use of growth hacking concerns Facebook itself. The giant social network has managed to reach 500 million active users. LinkedIn had an unbelievable growth too; up to 1,9 million to 200 million users in just a few years. As you can see, mastering growth hacking techniques will help you boost your business beyond the limits.

In today’s post, you will find out exactly what “growth hacking” means and how to use it in your business.

What is Growth Hacking?

The hacker community may be small, but it possesses the skills that are driving the global economies of the future.

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First of all, let’s take a look at the term “hacking”.  Hacking means finding a way to make it simpler. Hacking doesn’t have anything to do with criminal activity or any other kind of illegal activities. Hacking your way through life is the best way in which you can see and experience life. Hacking requires creativity and courage. All famous innovators like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg happen to be hackers – life hackers.

Now let’s define what a growth hacker is and what his mission is. A hacker’s idea about growth is that it should be done through innovation. For example, a business growth hacker is someone who dedicates his time to amass a large number of customers for a particular company. This should obviously make him a valuable asset to his company.

How to Attract Customers

In order to attract customers efficiently, your content marketing techniques must also be efficient. What does this mean? Well, it means that you have to distribute unique, relevant, and valuable content to a specific target audience. The purpose? To simply change their status from prospects to long-term, loyal customers.

Creating the right content is difficult but if done accurately it can boost your business beyond the limit. Conceiving valuable content always takes time, so make sure that you know your audience well enough before you start. Spending hours and then finding out that almost no one shows any interest is pretty demoralizing.

So, make sure you get it right from the beginning. The best way in which you can discover your audience feelings and thoughts is through an empathy map. There are a lot of questions that you should answer about your audience before starting to develop your content.

Some examples may be: What does he/she think? What influences him/her? What topics are approached when friends get together? What are his/her worries/fears?  The answers to these types of questions will guide you while developing unique and valuable content for your audience.

If creating unique content is difficult for you or you just wish to get an in-depth written content by professionals, you can appeal to essay writing companies like assignment masters which can help you conceive exactly what your company needs and desires.

Make Sure to Embed Social Content

The reason why you want to embed social content into your website is that this is the easiest way in which you can build a trustworthy brand. By embedding social proofs regarding the excellence of your company throughout your website, you will establish a long-lasting relationship with your future customers much quicker. Instead of listing boring testimonials, try to find social mentions of your brand.

You may embed into your website content from different social media’s, tweets and interviews that are trending at that particular time. Keep in mind, social reviews are better received by people when you can trace them back to their origin.

Connect With Influencers

Most industries have certain people that have an immense influence on particular audiences. These individuals are called influencers. Connecting with influencers is extremely important if you wish to expand your reach. Consumers usually trust their judgments and experiences, so if you pay these people/organizations well enough, they can make wonders for your company.

Let’s take Tom Cruise as an example, the person who stands behind the branding of the Scientological Church. Through his influence, the church gathered thousands of new members. This is just an example, but just enough for you to see how effective a single person may be for the growth of a company. Connect with these influencers by offering them free products in exchange for their support and promotion.


As you can see, growth hacking is extremely efficient when trying to expand your business. There are unlimited strategies and techniques that can be used to attract and maintain customers. So, next time your company finds itself stuck, you will know exactly how to give it a boost.

Jade Parker

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Jade Parker is a growth hacker and brand expert working in the marketing field for 5 years. She also follows and writes about the newest business trends at assignment masters. She helped over 20 companies grow and develop using her unmatched growing strategies.

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