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Write a good title

The title of your review should be a short line on how it helped you. A catchy title helps people find what they are looking for. A title like ‘Review of Tuskr’ could be replaced with a title like ‘Tuskr helped us improve our efficiency, ‘Tuskr made writing and organizing test cases easier’, ‘Tuskr helped us integrate with Jira’, ‘Tuskr makes it easy to move from spreadsheets’, and so on.

Do not post anonymously

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Avoid grammatical & spelling mistakes

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Skip “trial” in your review

If you are on a trial, like our software, and want to move to our free or paid plan in the future, you are welcome to write a review. But avoid mentioning “trial” in your text as that would make the review seem less authentic.

Writing a negative review

Found something missing or something you didn’t like? We usually have a lot of hidden features under our sleeves, so instead of writing it on the review, you can contact us. We might surprise you.

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